Creative: It’s Complicated

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As you begin to learn more about photography your life will become more difficult. The more you know, the harder it gets. We all know the expression, “I can’t unsee that.” It’s true. Once you know where the bar is set, the work that falls below the bar fades into the night. Within minutes, seconds even, you will make decisions because your foundational knowledge will allow for it. It’s not that subpar work is to be disdained. Not at all. It’s to be quickly factored and dismissed until it is abandoned or improved. The same can be said for any creative endeavor. Ever start a book you didn’t finish? Ever start a movie with high hopes only to find yourself reaching for the remote? This is natural and to be expected. And remember that just because something is hyped or heavily trafficked doesn’t mean it’s good. Some of the highest-selling books in history are poorly written. Some of the most popular movies are total crap. The same applies to photography. But ultimately, knowing what is out there, and understanding what makes a great “something,” is enjoyable and should be pursued with vigor.