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This is a remake of the original Shifter promotional piece. The original was 24-pages and was headed in the right direction but didn’t go quite far enough. I’m not sure this one does either, but at least I’m beginning to understand what I like and don’t like about it. The piece itself is awesome, at least in terms of size, price, materials and printing. My design and my direction are what are more puzzling to me today than ever before. Let me explain something. I’m at the point in my career where I have very little interest in my own work. This is probably because I have very little time to do my own work, so with the quality decline comes the apathy. I made this expanded edition because I hadn’t made anything in a while and I also wanted to learn more about Magcloud, and not to mention the first 24-pages were already done. Testing people, always testing. I also made this as an example to those of you who SHOULD be building things like this on a regular basis, even selling things like this on a regular basis, who for whatever reason find a way NOT to build anything. If I can do it, so can you.
This piece is born from frustration. “What is your website?” “Where can I see your work online?” These are part of my daily life. These questions fired at me from a wildly diverse section of humanity. I haven’t had my imagery online for five years, so this is an issue, and one that I was hoping to relieve with this little print piece. A tightly edited sample of what I’ve done in the past. Even what I’m doing now. There are two images made with the Fuji in here, so very recent work.
Looking back on a life, or career, isn’t easy. For nearly my entire life, had you asked me, “What is it you TRULY want to do in life?” I would have been able to answer you within seconds, but today I would have trouble providing your with your desired information. The world is a different place. I’m a different person.

Sitting down to put something in print can be that dramatic my friends. Something so simple as thinking “What should I show?” “What is representative of what I’m doing or what I want to do?” You would think it would be clear and easy but it’s not. This is why I make these things.This piece actually makes me want to change everything I’m doing. I had the fantasy of editing down the last 25-years into a single stream. A single edit. A single story, and then never looking back again. Just fall forward into the future and see what settles when the dust cloud blows through.

Just so you know, this is a Magcloud Digest. 50-pages. Softcover. Perfect bind. If I remember correctly it was about seven bucks.

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  1. This new Promo looks fantastic and I would love to actually see the printed version. It’s great to see some of the new Fuji work in there too. I love the “I’m not on social media. Email, call or write me a letter” comment, brilliant.

    I mentioned this to Daniel already via a Twitter DM but yourself (Frank) and Daniel really should consider a collaboration one day…

    LA? I’m just looking forward to the day I can catch you both in Germany!

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      I used the Fuji work not only because I like the two images, but I was also so sick of all my old color work.

  2. I quote:

    20 days ago I gave myself 30 days to (in my scarce spare time) send to print a little something, just to push myself. The photos are there in my HD, all is there, my portraits, my casual snapshots, some photos I did of a place close to my house inspired by this video I’ve seen at least hundred times

    … everything.
    But then … the empty page. What should I show. How should I present it. Wait! What if I change this here and that there? Should i do full color? Should i do just black and white? A mix? … And this goes and goes and it never stops. And now i have 12 pages only, some of them totally unrelated just to see in what direction I want to go. This is a mess!

    Any suggestions? How you do it?

    1. The quote disappeared from my original comment as I posted it. I guess my punctuation confused the system. Anyway, I was talking about this:

      Sitting down to put something in print can be that dramatic my friends. Something so simple as thinking “What should I show?” “What is representative of what I’m doing or what I want to do?” You would think it would be clear and easy but it’s not.

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      Editing is an artform, but at some point you have to make a decision and move ahead. Again, just print and see what happens. You can overthink it and that takes the fun out. Others feel they need to talk about something, or consider something for great lengths of time for something to be valid. I think that’s complete and total bullshit. You’ll feel it when it’s right. Five minutes or five weeks. It will just happen.

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      Just do it. Don’t think too much. There is no right and wrong. Same for journaling. Just put ink on paper and live with it. I do 3-min paintings where I don’t know what I’m doing and just do it. Its’ fun.

  3. Making a book that other people are going to see is quite daunting, if you add personal text it’s like baring one’s soul. Not over-thinking things is a good idea; then be brave enough to publish.


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      You would be surprised. People are very interested and kind when it comes to consuming what you will put out. I just got two Zines in the mail, both are very simple yet entirely beautiful. I’m going to feature them both. No judgement from me, just admiration.

  4. Awesome. There’s some effects in there I need to look in to.

    For whatever reason I am stuck in text separate from pictures, and you just pointed that out to me, and that’s worth the price of admission right there. Losing the blinders, one by one. But there’s always another one.

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      I’m doing all the things I was taught never to do. Seriously. And it’s working out magically.

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  7. Here goes. I culled my UK project photos. In the end I wasn’t as ruthless as I set out to be. I like what you’ve said about editing – 1000 to 500 isn’t an edit. I set a target of 30 pages, but I backed off of that. The good thing is that it was a choice, not indecision. I started in Book Wright, but then I remembered Magcloud. I’m going with Magcloud.

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