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This is the fourth post in a series about utilizing MagCloud in support of a Blurb project. I love MagCloud Digest. You might remember a few of my samples from here and here. The digest is a small landscape, or portrait, publication that is a strategic size at a very strategic price. One paper choice, one cover choice. Nice and simple.

I chose to use my digest as a sneak peek for ESSAY. Just a taste. Small enough to carry in my bag and the perfect answer to “What kind of work is in your magazine?” Way easier to hand this over than to explain what I actually do.(Still not sure.) As a former professional photographer, and someone who still makes images from time to time, I can’t imagine NOT having a print piece in the works at all times. The Digest is a gateway drug to deeper publishing, and if used correctly, is a piece that can stand on it’s own.

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  1. I love this size as well. When you do staples it lays flat and is much more informal.
    I do like getting the perfect bound for some of my digests though. That option does change the cover to be a bit heavier stock paper.

  2. I’m just about to create some Digest tests both with Saddle Stich and Perfect Bind and hopefully make use of the discount on offer until 20/9.

    Having seen your Shifter promo in the Digest format I think I like it just as much as the Square format.

    1. It would be SO nice if the Magcloud formats/sizes were in the Blurb Bookwright software! I don’t own any of the software version suggested for Digest.

      My previous Square tests were done in Lightroom using the 7×7″ Book and Magcloud automatically adjusted it to their 8×8″. No such luck for the Digest.

      I need to have a think…

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      Hey Paul,

      You can use InDesign, Photoshop or Microsoft Word. I’ve not used Word to make anything so can’t help you with that one but what about the others?

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  3. The proportions of this mag are interesting. I’ve been looking for something with the proportions of the 35mm frame.

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