Creative: Using MagCloud to Support Blurb, Flyer

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Hey Kids,

Me again.

Everyone knows about Magcloud right? You’ve heard me talk about it again and again, but just to be sure….. You can see a few of my Magcloud publications here and here. In short, Magcloud is another POD service that is part of Blurb but offers a different set of products. Not better or worse, just different. Personally, I’ve been using MC since 2007, but have recently found a new way of utilizing the platform.

How about using Magcloud products to support a Blurb project? I say, “Yes, yes, yes.” Why I didn’t think of this before I have no idea. What this post represents is the first of four in regard to using Magcloud products to support of a Blurb, Self-Pub project. The MC offering is very different from what Blurb offers, and I’ve started using formats I’ve never used before. Let me show you what I’m doing.

Let’s talk Flyer.

Minimum order of eight. Total cost $3.04. First round I botched the design. Second round I printed both sides only to realize I’d like to have the back side blank so I can use them as mailers. Third round, nailed it. These things are great. Inexpensive, multiple uses, great handout, etc. I’ve already inked up and post-carded out the first few. I think I’ll use them anytime I create an issue with a memorable cover…which should be ALL the time, but come on people you know me better than that.

The flyer is a strategic tool that has been around since the beginning of creative time and something that still works. Create a small run then send them out to your “top ten” database connections. Leave them behind at events you weren’t invited to. Put them in airplane seat back pockets. WHY NOT?


Blurb did a short interview about what I’m doing which you can see here.

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