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The introduction reads like this…“Testimony, Haviv’s first solo exhibition at Anastasia Photo, spans 23 years and 18 countries, from Bosnia to Haiti to Libya. He has documented 3 genocides and over 30 conflicts worldwide. Through Haviv’s lens, we see come to life the dramatic moments, which define our shared history-revolutions won and lost, crimes of war, reunited families and victorious freedom fighters.” For those of you who don’t know Ron I’ll explain who he is in my terms. Yes, he’s a co-founder of the VII Agency and has been published and exhibited in a crazy range of places like the United Nations and ICP, but what you really need to know is he is one of the most important American photographers of the modern era. I’m still getting to know Ron, but we are currently embroiled in the kindling of a new project, “The Lost Rolls,” which will unveil what remains on the negatives of over one hundred rolls of unprocessed film dating back to the late 1980’s. The film has been processed, scanned and we’ve seen what lives on those organic little windows. Just wait. Just you wait. In the meantime I wanted to share a catalog/magazine that Ron did with us. Beautifully designed by Avec. Don’t even think of looking at my copy, it’s under lock and key in the command center. I view the magazine format the same way I view much of remote Alaska…almost entirely unexplored, but this publication is a great example of how to effectively use this flexible imprint. Delicate use of typography, strong use of images. GOOD NEWS…I spoke with Ron and there are copies available here….TESTIMONY.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the ‘Lost Rolls’, Daniel. I’ve tried the magazine format in BookWright and was very pleased with the result. I would like to be able to have a full-bleed cover wrap (front and back cover) and to have the magazine stapled instead of the pages gluee-bound, as is (was) available when using InDesign (Anton’s Yakuza).
    I’m very tempted to get a copy of Testimony to see the layout etc. but, from experience, I find it hard to have such content on my bookshelf. I’ll probably order a copy because one part of me says that everyone should see the results of war and armed conflict; and our newspapers and television show only a sanitised version for the most part: the other part is uneasy with finding myself noting the colour and composition of the photographs. Just a personal view: Ron has risked much and seen more than anyone should to show the world the cost of war. Perhaps that’s the answer to my dilemma.

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      Hey Mike,
      Thanks for writing. As for Ron’s magazine, it’s beautiful. And yes, there are tough images but not at a level that will repel anyone. The images actually allow you to engage, which I really think is the key here. And being a photographer there is nothing wrong with looking at the images from angle of being a photographer. They are damn fine images. They have to be otherwise they don’t work. “The Lost Rolls” is going to be grand. I too am holding my breath.

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