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Image, word, motion, canvas, sound and print. Risk-taking, failure, experimentation, sharing, collaboration, instigation, investigation, revolution, revelations and resolutions.

Artists are given permission to be eccentric and have a responsibility to look at life in a nonconformist, nontraditional way.   More from Creative »


Dispatches is an in-depth look at those living artistic lives. Each episode will feature photographs and audio interviews with artistic pioneers who have devoted their lives to the arts. From artists to authors, photographers to philosophers, Dispatches will reveal the faces and foundations of those who lead the creative way. More from Dispatches »


Run, hike, ride, swim, paddle, climb, fish, explore. Sunrise, sunset, sweat in the eyes, legs burning, lungs burning, bugs biting, dust clouds, storm clouds, wrinkled fingertips, warm rain, icy rain, mud, sand, dirt, the smell of sage, a freewheel buzz, carbo-loading, GPS, navigation, summit attempts, stand up, disc brakes, knobbies, slicks, topwater, rivers, lakes, oceans, ranges, rapids, chalk, sunscreen, wind burn, chapped lips, fire, lightning, thunder, heat, trailheads, maps, compass points, hill climbs, descents, heart rate, packs, flats, carbon, titanium and the buzz of embracing the wildness of the world.

an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.


Reading is a free education. When I was young I read a lot, mostly adventure books mixed with a healthy dose of western lore. Good guy, bad guy, gold, a woman, lots of shooting and then good guy kills bad guy, gets girl, finds gold and scores the amazing property with a river running through it. I couldn’t get enough.   More from Read »


I discovered the magic of yoga in the late 1990’s while living in Los Angeles. An injury forced me into a reduced exercise routine, and while sitting on a spin bike I began to watch the yoga classes happening in front of me. Nervous at first, I finally decided to skip the bike and try my hand at yoga. This turned out to be one of the most important decisions of my adult life. Yoga is a daily routine for me. Yoga helps me physically, mentally and even helps me deal with my Lyme Disease. I don’t teach yoga, nor do I have a teaching degree….yet, but over the past few years I’ve shared my daily routine with friends around the world, something I find supremely satisfying, and the feedback and resulting positive impact inspired me to add this section to my site. More from Yoga »

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in September of 2014 after several months of misinformation, misdiagnosis and near despair after being given the runaround by multiple medical organizations. “You need to realize you are now officially on an island,” a fellow Lyme patient said. “Nobody wants to deal with you.” At the time I found this difficult to believe, but after more than two years of dealing with the condition I have come to fully understand the minefield that is Lyme Disease. More from Lyme »

Daniel Milnor once worked as both a fragrance model and a hot tub installer but is better known as a reformed-journalist, photographer and writer who is now, once again, performing these duties in his role as “Creative Evangelist,” for Blurb Inc., the world’s premiere indie publishing platform. He splits his time between Los Angeles and Santa Fe and owes most of his success to several “Shifter-types” who were kind enough to help him along… More »