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After living with the v1 version of my Albania Zine, and realizing I didn’t have the time to make the v1 into a v2, I decided to do the next best thing. Make a journal from the same work. The beauty of a journal is that it isn’t for public consumption. Not to mention all of the content is simply a foundation for what is to come. Everything inside the journal, and the cover for that matter, is there to be inked over, pasted over, glued over, and painted over. It’s fodder. I also chose to go with an 8×10 version which isn’t my normal routine. Softcover to keep the cost down and also to aid with flexibility. My plan is to make a short film about the journal before and another film after to show how these items factor into my creative life. My plan is to return to Albania in May of 2023 when I will add to my existing work.

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