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Peru haunts me. In the best possible way. Many of you know my love affair with all things Latin America and Peru is a relationship I just can’t break. Peru is so complex, whether it be the cuisine or the culture. Wonderful cities, deserts, coastal havens and let us not forget the Andes. Harsh at times, both hot and cold sometimes on the same day, and a mix of race and language that would take a lifetime to decipher. I simply can’t get enough. The Peruvian jungle is one of the single most unique locations I’ve ever been to. I don’t think you can see a place like this and not be changed. And you know immediately, the one thing that doesn’t belong is you……. This is the workshop series I was teaching at.

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  1. Incredible memories from an incredible trip. Would go back tomorrow, I have been to a lot of places around the world but Peru is something very special.

    Oh the great picture. I find it so funny I am pointing. There is no one behind me, not sure who I am pointing for. Maybe myself! I did the Amazon in jeans, so I am clearly not the brightest.

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      you are the eagle eye. We were looking for Taco Bell and you found a monkey.

  2. “…without him we’d still be out there…”

    I’d say this is your best video yet. Easy-going dialogue that lets your memories and experiences come through the youtubeness. Also, I was momentarily reassured that I am not alone when you showed your cable mayhem, but then I sank into a deep despair when I remembered that you were able to go back years to include audio and video related to this moment. I get cold sweats when I think about finding audio from yesterday. Damn you Dan. (I’m probably not the 1,000th person to say that.)

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      Ha, too funny. And thanks for the kind notes. I wish I had more time to get in the field and record. It takes a lot of content to make a film like this.

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