Adventure: Baja Begins, Episode Two

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This is the second in a series of experimental films titled “Baja Begins,” about a recent journey south to Mexico. Of all the film types I upload here on Youtube, these are my favorite. In fact, this is really the kind of film I want to be doing full-time. I would also like to add in a series of films about the “post-trip,” experience which for me always includes making a publication. Without that publication, I feel the trip is not yet complete.

These films are made quickly and often while in the midst of multiple other tasks, but I still enjoy doing them and wonder what I could produce given time, training, and more experience. My background began in journalism, so documenting the world around me, with someone or something else as the main theme has been in my blood for decades. Filming myself feels odd, phony, and counterintuitive. I am not the story. The story is out there.

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