Creative: Question and Answer 35

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Back with yet another question and answer film. I know, I know, repetitive but I feel like these are good questions and are questions that have been directed my way more than once. By the way, for you delicate types, if you are offended by my ranting about things like Instagram that tells me I’m on the right track. If you don’t work in the professional, creative industry you might not know or witness the destruction that things like Instagram have created. I will continue to harp on this as long as I live. Get used to it or you might have to venture elsewhere.

1. 1:54, Have you ever used Ilford 3200 and why would you use it over the Kodak P3200?

2. 5:04, How do you feel about Sean Penn playing journalist?

3. 9:44, How do you balance the story in your mind with the story unfolding in front of you?

4. 15:14, How would you recommend printing your portfolio?

5. 19:33, Any recommendations for starting out in film photography?

6. 22:18, How do you feel about the journalism coverage of Ukraine?

7. 27:35, What is a picture package?

8. 30:40 Are you going to make a book from your Baja work?

9. 31:50, Any new mods on the TW200?

10. 33:57 You mentioned dead pixels on your XT2, can you explain?

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      Yep, she’s been out there for quite some time. Tyler Hicks is a NYT shooter. He’s been at it a long while. Haviv is in Ukraine as well. Several others.

    2. Great video Dan. Love the IG sarcasm. I’ve not shot film since just before Covid stuff. You’ve inspired me to dig out my OM10 and shoot some 35mm. I’ve some 120 roll film I could do with shooting on medium format camera I’ve not shot for a while as well. Thanks for what you do matey. Regards. Neil M UK.

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  1. Great photographers you’ve mentioned. I’ve followed Hicks and Addario through a lot of wars. Hicks can’t avoid danger. My memory might be a bit off here. I think shortly after moving from Istanbul (or somewhere) to Kenya, he found himself covering a scary terrorist attack on a mall.

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