Yoga: Embrace the Routine

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These are in no particular order except for the first item on the list.


My day in a nutshell. This is EVERY day. These are the things I attempt to do every single day, at least when I’m at home. People think I’m crazy, or that I sit around with nothing to do all day, but that is far from the truth. I am ALWAYS working, thinking, scheming about my job, about how to better serve the people who might engage with us, but the rest of the items on the list are equally important in my mind.(Amy being the one item that trumps all others.)

Yoga, Spanish and guitar are half hour items. So 1.5 hours total to get these done. And most of the time these three begin at 5:15AM. A blog post can take three minutes or one hour. I read while having coffee, however long that takes. I write, on and off, all day. I have at least one book going at all times. Yesterday I finished ESSAY ISSUE TWO and today will be starting on ISSUE THREE. After sunset, and 6PM I will either ride or hike. Most likely hike as it’s “cold” here now and I’m not feeling super lively at the moment. The watch and listen could be five minutes or two hours. Mostly film. (NO INTERNET SURFING OR SOCIAL)

Also, an important note. I’m able to do all these things because of routine. I follow a routine that began when my current yoga practice began. I know that a lot of people talk about the dreaded routine and never being able to live under those gulag like conditions, but I see this as the polar opposite. The routine is what makes it all possible, and what becomes possible is what I love. Win, win.

One of my many, many regrets in life is that I spent so many years focused on ONE thing.(photography) At the time it felt right, so in some sense it was natural, but I think creative living is far more than doing art or photography. Creative living is about….well…living. And if routine is what allows me to accomplish this then sign me up.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m not great at ANY of the above but I still have fun doing them.

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  1. Excellent food for thought! Thank you, Daniel. I guess your photography routine now falls under ‘explore’…

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      I don’t really have a routine. I kinda wish I did, but the shoot days are few and far between these days.

  2. Routine sounds like a great idea. I don’t think I’d last two days. Flotsam on the sea of life, and I like it that way – but I don’t get HALF of what you do done in a WEEK.

    Learning another language would be a good idea.

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  3. Living a creative life and living it as a nomad with no permanent home there is almost no structure to our days, or at least, any routine established will not last very long as we will soon move on. I find therefore that I like any small routine more than I used to when I had an office job. There are just some things I have to put into every day to remain sane and to try and improve myself and what I do and know (there’s a lot of room for improvement on all accounts!)

  4. I concur, routine is the solution.

    Wow you start your day so early, I love that! I’m trying my best to do the same although I have to wake up everyday by 4 / 5 am to pray alFajer but then I go back to sleep…

    Speaking of internet surfing, this post has inspired me. I made a list I called “web surfing alternatives” that has ten different things – including yoga – I could do instead of aimlessly browsing. So THANK YOU!

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      I wish I could wake up and go back, but never been able to do this. Read, write, play music, yoga, hike, anything is better than life online.

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