The Leica File: Seventeen

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Philip Vigil, artist, in his studio in the Jemez.

I met Phillip Vigil a few years ago during an art opening in Santa Fe. He is a self-taught, fourth-generation artist residing in New Mexico. He always had a love of art since he realized at a young age that the paintings on the walls were done by members of his family. He is highly influenced by the abstract modernists of the early and late 20th century. He works with paper, oil pastels, oil sticks, oil paint sticks, spray paint and acrylic paint as well. I’ve photographed him in downtown Albuquerque, in the Jemez Mountains and in his studio. I’ve also been honored to sit and watch as he transformed a blank piece of paper into a living, breathing thing. Thanks Phil!

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  1. Nice. I see the connection between your picture and his work, it’s obvious when you look. So it’s not just your imagination!

    I can envision a whole project here, of artists shot through some notional lens of their own work. It’s been done 1000 times I suppose, but there’s always new art and new artists and new eyes to see it all over again anew.

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      Four generations of artist have looked through that same window at that same view. I wanted to show the current condition, which isn’t great, but the landscape is still a driving force. Going to interview him next week if all goes as planned.

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