The BackStory: Polynesian Performers

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What happens when you fumble around in the total darkness with an old camera you have to look down at and through? This image actually. Thanks for asking. Tune in for more detail of just how this little moment came about.

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  1. Just came from a quick 4 day trip in Mexico. Totally tourist, nothing really cool or anything like that. You know beach, rest, read …
    Funny to come back open your site and find this because I found myself in a similar situation at a show that the hotel was putting up for all the tourist. In my case I was a little more restricted since I only took my GR (28mm focal) but same idea, black and white, some good contrast, performers in the dark … My wife kind of gave up already that i keep shooting black and white in situations where most humans would shoot color, LOL.
    Love these little pieces you share with us. Thank you.

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      I was JUST thinking about a short trip to Mexico. Haven’t been in a long while. I’m glad SOMEONE likes this little moments. Every time I catch myself thinking “I’m supposed to shoot color,” I think about the LEGIONS of masters who never breached a roll of the stuff.

    2. Well, we went to a town right next to Puerto Vallarta called Bucerias. Cool thing is that besides is a very touristic area this small town is not the main tourism destination, so you still can have some places that have that “Latinoamerica Flavor” (if you can say so) … in some streets I felt I was in a set of the movie Under Fire and Russell Price (Nick Nolte) was going to appear around a corner taking photos, LOL. But as I said still a very touristic area … But we went only with the idea of beach and relax, so that was good.
      Oh! Careful where you go, at least in that area they were having sort of a heat wave that they believe might last till the end of August and the heat was killer, even the people that leaves there were struggling with it.

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