Creative: Question and Answer 44 (Mostly me talking about the new Leica M6.)

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Back with another question and answer. You ask and I do the talking. But this has taken on a distinct flavor due to the first question I was asked. “What do I think about the rerelease of the Leica M6? I’ve owned four of these cameras, but the camera itself isn’t the interesting part of the story. Oh no, this goes way beyond nuts and bolts. Quoting crazed politicians, I spin my web of history, voiding all relevant data and facts in an effort to simply “go with my gut.” This event is but one making headlines in the photo community

. 1. 1:14, What do I think of the M6 rerelease?

2. 30:34, What about sponsors for projects?

3. 31:00, What about selling prints, sizes, and editions?

4. 34:40, What about photo contests?