Creative: The Leica File 30

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More Peru…..

In the countryside. Near the edges of tourism. Using the 35mm to attempt to build depth. Waiting for the puzzle pieces to slide into place. Three or four frames total. Then it goes away forever.

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  1. Good photograph, Daniel, and a great example of what a wide angle lens can give a photographer. I liked the mention of how the photograph allows for the gutter in a double-page spread; that’s the book-maker talking.
    I totally understand that when you (and we) look at our photographs we are instantly taken back to when we took them, what camera and lens we used, which film etc. The power of the photograph..

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      Thanks Mike. I haven’t used this lens in about five years, but plan on remedying that soon.

  2. When I had the Fuji X100 it was the first time I shot with a specifically 35mm field of view, and I fell in love with it. I know that it sounds like a cliche, but it just seemed to correspond to how I viewed and framed the world around me. The 35 f/2 AF-D is now the lens that sits on my D700 90% of the time.

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      If you go back in history through the best doc photographers of all time you will find a HUGE consistency of 35mm and 50mm being the two most uses lenses with a 28mm right there as well. I use 35mm and 50mm the vast majority of the time.

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