Read: You Shall Know Our Velocity

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This book feels like I’m sitting in the middle of Dave Egger’s head. It really does. Like a playground of originality. There would be no way to fake this book or copy it because you realize what is happening in the first ten pages. Written in a strange style with nifty little illustrations and wonderfully different grammar. Eggers is no slouch folks. Putting out a single book is a monumental thing, one worthy of clapping, ribbon tossing, and maybe even ribbon cutting, and Eggers puts them out like breakfast muffins. His range is great, his topics are great, and he is also responsible for several other creative outlets beyond his own work. I hate him. (jealous) Co-founder of 826Valencia. Board member of McSweeney’s. (Now I really hate him.)

You Shall Know Our Velocity follows two men on a voyage of discovery, despair, and goodwill. Sort of. One minute you feel for the pair and the next you hope for something horrible to happen. A global tapestry of travel, culture, mistakes, and the will and luck of people on a mission. The description of high school dances and subsequent makeout sessions alone make this book worth reading. Seriously, an observational homerun. I’ve never met Dave Eggers, and probably never will, but he is one of those people I find intriguing. People often tell me they are amazed at the range and volume of content I produce, but it feels like my work would fit in Dave’s left boot, with room for a pearl-handled dagger.

Get it, read it.

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