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Houston, we have a problem. Okay, San Diego, Los Angeles, Tucson, and Phoenix, we REALLY have a problem. Water. The Colorado River sustains a massive number of people in this country and every single gallon is already owned by someone. And it’s over-allocated.

David Owen’s “Where the Water Goes,” paints a semi-traumatic picture of the current moment and the potentially catastrophic future. However, this book also educated me in a variety of ways. Even if I know slightly more than the average person, based on my interests and geographical location, I still have a lot to learn.

If you have any interest in water, The West, or the future then this book is a must read. Get it, read it.

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  1. Luckily I live up at the great lakes, Lake Erie to be exact. Right now the water is high but it scares me how much people think nothing about it. I see garbage floating in it, that is drinking water for gods sake people. Also what ever else is dumped and ran off into it. Water is a precious resource but people don’t care until sludge comes out of their taps.

    I ordered 3 books from your reading list on Monday, The Cult of the Dead Cow, The Razors Edge and Sandworm. I have so many other books also. I have to sit down this year and do some serious reading. In 2018 to 2019 I read approximately 130 books, last year was bad though, no books. But 2020 blew dead bears.

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      Razor’s Edge alone is a gem that keeps in giving. One of my top ten books. There is a huge disconnect in regard to water.

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