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One of the best books of the year, by far. Not entirely sure when this book came out but regardless, a wonderful read. This book hits you hard early on as the author reminds you of the savagery of slavery. This shadow looms larger over the rest of the book but there also lives a parallel narrative of beauty, science, humanity and location.

Two friends recommended Esi Edugyan’s “Washington Black,” and I’m so happy they did. I was hooked from page one and found the angles of art and science much to my liking. A young Barbadian slave boy, born into the harshest of conditions, begins an unexpected life journey taking him to remote parts of the Far North, Africa, and unsettled America. There were scenes I read more than once reminding me what great prose is capable of.

Get it, read it.

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  1. Looks like one I’d like as well. Just added to my Fall Reading list. Thanks, Dan!

    BTW, I just started Footfalls On The Trembling Earth, by a first-time novelist, Buck Brinson. His daughter is a photojournalist whose work I love, Kendrick Brinson. She’s been helping him with publicity on social media, and I’m always happy to support a new writer. 🙂

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  2. FYI Dan, some background for you since you always seem to be a fan of Victoria. ….Esi lives here and her husband is a successful novelist as well, Stephen Price (By Gaslight etc) . Lovely low key literary couple.

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      Damnit Denton more reason to love Canada. Put a word in for me will ya. My wife and I would be happy and at home roaming those Victorian streets.

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