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Okay, so I’ve come to the conclusion that every single Western I’ve ever seen is based on this book. All of them. Even the ones that came out before this book. Warlock by Oakley Hall is a classic. Good guys, bad guys, silver, border issues, Indian issues, gambling, violence and a few women thrown in for good measure. The Old West was a place of little compromise, and conflict came in the form of molten lead from gold handled Colts. If you love The West, or maybe you like lever action .30-30’s, shotguns and ambushes then get it, read it.

This was my first book of the year. I think I read somewhere around 70 books last year. I’ve decided this year to fixate on non-fiction in an attempt to learn as much as humanly possibly. A few weeks ago I was confronted by one of those awkward holiday moments of being faced with playing a trivia game. I was asked seven different questions. I nailed all seven answers. The person asking the questions looked at me in total bewilderment then asked “How do you know this stuff?” “I read,” I answered.(One question was about women’s hair products and I KNEW the answer. Scary shit.)

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  1. Accomplishments for Wednesday ~
    Task: Went to public library to check out “Warlock.”
    Idea: To suggest to Daniel Milnor that a Shifter Media-branded bookmark might be nice. Perhaps with some of his journal sketches on them.

    1. Post

      That would be nice. And if I was even remotely together I might be able to pull it off.

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