Read: Waking Up

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You have to pay attention. Yes, Sam Harris’s book “Waking Up, a Guide to Spirituality without Religion” is a book you must pay attention to. This topic is a hot one. One I find both alluring and somewhat elusive. This book allows us to confront a few things while not getting distracted by the confines of anything organized. This book touches on many different aspects of this concept, but one that caught me by surprised was out-of-body experiences. I had one. Imagine a wrecked motorcycle, me attempting to pick it back up, an explosion of the lower back and suddenly I’m standing in the street watching someone roll around on the pavement in front of me only to realize it was ME watching ME roll around. This event has haunted me to some degree, but more than anything else allowed me to understand that PERHAPS there is more to the mind than I ever knew. If there is or isn’t, no matter, but the chance to at least explore and contemplate is worth the time and effort. Harris is an accomplished dude who straddles neuroscience and philosophy not to mention the ability to write. He’s also got a very successful podcast.

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