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Someone asked if I had allowed my morning reading ritual to slip. It’s been a long stretch since I’ve posted about my current read. But no, rest assured, the books are still being consumed. However, I’ve been reading a few things that frankly weren’t solid enough to even mention including a book by a FIFTEEN time New York Times best-selling author who managed to write arguably the worst book I’ve read in my entire adult life. Four pages in I knew the entire story, every plot twist, every cookie-cutter character and predictable moment. Four pages in I knew. And yet I still read all five hundred pages, albeit grinding my teeth while cursing the 7th grade reading level that most Americans require.

Luckily, I found Chris Pavone’s “Two Nights in Lisbon” to pull me out of my literary quagmire. You might already know Pavone who has several other novels to his credit, most of which are being prepped for TV or film. I don’t read that many novels, but I did enjoy this one. Set in Lisbon, plenty of twists, good dialogue and plenty of reconnecting dots as the end of the book drew near. I liked the characters, wasn’t entire sure how things would work out and the book crept into my subconscious as I navigated my daily tasks. What more can you ask for with a novel?

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  1. Not that I was over-worried that you had curtailed your reading habit, however, I (like many?) do use your reviews to feed MY reading habit.

    NYT ‘best seller’ aside (popularity is rarely an attribute for a good read, more an attribute that can boost page count – thinking a zero calorie meal here) it’s always nice to know what other’s are reading . Thank you for posting this recommendation. Looking forward to adding “Two Nights in Lisbon” to my library list.

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