Read: Trinity Fields

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Cover image that, well, looks like something I would shoot.

New Mexico is close to my heart. It has been since childhood. I had family in Santa Fe but would also visit Raton at least once a year on our pilgrimage from Texas to Wyoming. Raton, after all, had a Howard Johnson with indoor/outdoor pool connected with a pipe which today would surely be illegal. The hotel also had paper bathing suits. My brother, forgetting this key element of swimming fun, had to purchase a paper suit which exploded on impact with the pool leaving him covering up with ash trays and comic books as he made a break for the room. But I digress.

Trinity Fields was suggested to me by several local friends and their suggestion was a good one. Bradford Morrow’s book covers friendship, betrayal, politics, Los Alamos and the sordid years “post bomb” when the world descended into division and more and more war. Vietnam, activism, friends for a time and enemies at others. I love the writing style and the visuals it offers. Plus, the writing about New Mexico is spot on. The detail, the locations and the impact these places have on locals and non-locals alike. I am also fascinated by “The Hill” and the unique culture it provided. This book went fast because I was engaged by the characters and the story. Love, death and Chimayó. What’s not to like.

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