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Alan Weisman’s “The World Without Us,” is a wonderful read that allows us to ponder what might our Earth be like without the pestilence that is humanity. For some unknown reason, even from an early age, I felt like humans were a virus doomed to destroy ourselves. Maybe this explains my wife yelling “You are such a pessimist,” to which I always reply, “Just a realist, honey.” It’s a miracle we’ve survived.

Alan Weisman's "The World Without Us," is a wonderful read that allows us to ponder what might our Earth be like without the pestilence that is humanity
Get it, read it, make a plan. Or not.

I love this book. And the bibliography at the back is enough to keep you and me reading until the point when reading loses out to basic survival. If we actually want to survive by that time. Speaking of survival, one of the most interesting aspects of this book is the reality that elements would rapidly dissolve or destroy much of our modern culture and society. Water in particular is a real charmer. Say hello to the New York subway after power failure followed by pump failure followed by end of the New York Subway.

I also found the take on nuclear power plants to be equal parts fascinating and terrifying and probably a real buzz kill for those spending so much time prepping for the end of the world. Just remember kids, 441 nuclear plants on this rock. With power failure, you might get seven days on diesel reserves but then you get pump failure, water cooling failure followed by a core meltdown. So, you finally get to “bug out” only to realize there are already 10,000 people at the spot you hoped to bug out to. Then you realize you are all being radiated. Do we need reservations?

This is not a doomsayer book, so in case you are one of those who have politicized every aspect of life, it’s okay, this book is safe to read. Unless you are blaming Joe Biden for inflation, gas prices, health care, education, food supply, financial crime, regular crime, NASA issues, NATO issues, Netflix issues, etc. If you are this person then sorry, don’t read this book or any book for that matter. Just go back to prepping.

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