Read: The Road to Little Dribbling

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Everyone needs a Bryson book from time to time. Just seeing his name makes me laugh, and he has the skill to poke fun at us, them and himself while never truly offending anyone, at least anyone that matters.

“The Road to Little Dribbling” is a follow up of sorts. Twenty years after “Notes from a Small Island.” Both books cover Bryon’s adopted home of England. There are several reasons why I enjoyed this book. First, the book made we want to travel. Not just travel but wander. The book also made me realize, again, the difference between traveling as a writer and traveling as a photographer. I find myself growing jealous of the writer these days.(Not that I would or could ever take action on this.)

The book, as you can imagine, plots a course across the beautiful expanse of England pointing out the small, humorous things that Bryson sees so well. One of my favorite parts of the book is the very end where he details the five reasons he chose to live in England, while in some cases playing on the differences between the UK and the US. Like how the US has become so accommodating to stupidity. I thought this well put. Get it, read it.

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