Read: The People in the Trees

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Fiction. Ahhhh, fiction. Hello, my old friend. Fiction is so relaxing. Just looking for a good story, and I found one. Hanya Yanagihara’s “The People in the Trees,” is an odd story but one that runs parallel to many of the ills of the modern world.

One of the primary characters if from a small town in Indiana, as am I, so just the initial descriptions of this area were enough for me to enjoy this book. Then the actual story unfolded. I was thrilled at times, mad at times and puzzled at others, but only because what was reflected, however implausible, skirted well worn truths about our world.

A lost tribe, a sacred turtle and eternal life, with imperfections. What’s not to like. Coming off the Hero book this read was precisely what I needed. Get it, read it.

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