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the paris diversion by chris pavone

This was my third Chris Pavone book. I don’t read as many novels as I’d like but only because I read so much nonfiction. Spy novels are like candy to me, light, fun, and fast. This is a follow-up to a very popular book titled “The Expats,” which was the book that introduced me to Pavone. Great locations, good pace, and a story that keeps you going. I don’t really look for more from books like this.

But The Paris Diversion is, for me anyway, a love letter to Paris. I’ve been to Paris many times and have grown fond of the place over the years. I was there during the terrorist attacks in 2015 and was actually in front of one of the locations that were attacked less than an hour before it went down. So, when I read about terror in Paris I can’t help but remember those moments.

When I read a book like this I find myself wondering how I would fit in a scheme like this. Do I have it in me to commit a serious crime and if so what type of crime would it be? Violent crime? No, not likely. Financial crime? Now we are getting warmer. Hacking? Please, of course. But what about an international combination of all three of these? I think as we get older the playing field shifts beneath us.

As we watch our elected officials, kings of finance and even religious leaders commit one offense after another, and all walk away clean, it gets one thinking about plans of our own. I don’t have anything in the works yet, and if I did this would be the last thing I would do, write about it. But, the day is young. If you love Paris and love a little suspense then by all means have a look at The Paris Diversion by Chris Pavone.

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  1. Merci pour ce post, Dan.

    Always happy to read a book about Paris.

    Your “read” page is one of two sources I rely upon to find good books (the other is the NY Times Sunday book review section).

    Bonne journée et bonne année, mon ami !


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