Read: The Origins of Creativity

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Edward O. Wilson managed to win not one Pulitzer but two. That is no easy feat. And yet there he is. The Origins of Creativity seemed like a good book to investigate. After all, I’m supposed to be this creative person. I believe, however, that every single human being is creative, and after reading this book I feel even more strongly about that now.

I think humans have our creativity educated out of us. In fact, one tiny point he mentions is how what used to be called “a well-rounded education,” is now called “a liberal education.” Geez, here we go again with the political nonsense. But we still have time to get back on course. But will we? No idea.

This book was fascinating to me, and basically proved once again I’m almost a complete dumbass. Science and the humanities are forever linked. Fire, meat, storytelling. 100,000 years. Logistics and survival talk during the day, stories and entertainment at night around the fire. Language, music, art. Science provides the information about what is possible, doable in the real world. Humanities provides whats possible in the imagination. Sign me up.

Worth the time. Get it, read it.

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