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This is a wonderful book. Yes, preaching to the choir in my case, but I consider that one of the most fortunate aspects of my entire life. I had a father who knew what untouched wilderness was all about and had the nerve to indulge the entire family. Not to mention he knew about things like silence, space, and time. Thanks pop.

The Nature Fix by Florence Williams is a joy to read and loaded with both personal narrative, field stories, and data. In my opinion, this is the perfect mix for a science book. She leads you in by taking us with her at the trailhead and then peppers us with data about what she and the other scientists seek from the field.

In short, nature heals us, helps us and is unique to our existence. The data is overwhelming, not only in regard to the health impact of nature but also in regard to what the Digital Age is doing to us. 2008 was the first year our species became a city-dwelling species, and we are now suffering from near total detachment from nature.

Just one little tidbit. 83% of all land in America is within 3500 feet of a road. Noise is our constant companion and the world is getting louder and more developed. Screen addiction is rampant worldwide and there is simply no replacing what happens naturally with what happens via the pixel. It don’t work.

Get it, read it and pass it along.

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  1. I read this a couple of years ago and reread it last year.
    It astounds me that people need to be taught this stuff because it’s so obvious that going outdoors (amongst nature) is good for you.

    1. Post

      It’s a perfect storm. Migration to cities and the emergence of the screen as drug. Total detachment. When we moved to Wyoming in 1977 every single friend of my parent’s said “Oh my God, you can’t do that.” “What are you going to DO ou there?” People from the city would come and they were often terrified of everything. Dirt, hills, animals, etc.

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