Read: The Naturalist

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Fiction is like a reading vacation, at least for me. Most of what I read is nonfiction, some of which can be uber dense, almost like mild torture which is how I would describe most of my schooling. The knowledge I gain from nonfiction is the peach. The knowledge is what I’m after. Knowledge is freedom. Knowledge is being in control in many cases and knowledge is power, as we all know.

Andrew Mayne’s The Naturalist is a murder mystery basically but with a science twist. Someone dies. The main character who happens to be a scientist is involved, indirectly, but then uses science to not only get involved but to also solve the crime.

Apparently this is book one of a multibook series. Did I enjoy this? Yes. Am I jumping to book two right away? No, but only because I have a stack of nonfiction I need to address first. But, I will investigate book two. Get it? Investigate?

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