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I gave up taking notes on this baby. There was too much solid information. If you are one of those people who say “Of course there is a connection between the mind and the gut you dumbass,” I would still encourage you to read this.

I picked this up due to my extensive antibiotic use and the lasting impact of that use. Thank you Lyme Disease. I’m in a bit of a trough health wise at the moment, so I’m looking around for what can pull me up and out. Emeran Mayer’s “The Mind-Gut Connection” gave me some new fodder. And was the perfect read just before my colonoscopy planned for next week. Wish me luck. T-minus ten days to lift off.

The extent to which the brain and the mind connect is remarkable. Truly remarkable, but the ties to things like childhood stress were new to me. As for keeping the balance in line, I am really solid, but need to add the probiotic, fermented foods at a higher level, something I’ve been doing for the past three weeks. My body feels like it is in full revolt in some ways. Allergies for the first time in years, fatigue, but also a feeling that I should continue because my intestines feel like they are working properly for the first time in a long while. (I know that many of you were wondering.)

I enjoyed this book. Get it, read it.

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  1. Listen to your intestines if they are working. Mine are working better these days. Maybe because I am eating more vegetarian meals.

    My sister by marriage just started the South Beach Diet. She’s works at a bookstore. What can I say. No carbs, no fruit (at the beginning), no booze, low sugar basically. She says it works. Dropped her blood sugar and she’s a diabetic. Shots and everything. Bit of a lush too, so the no booze surprised me.

    As far as the colonoscopy. Piece of cake. Look at it as a nice unexpected nap. And look up Dave Barry’s essay on the subject.

    See you tomorrow!

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      Great to see you and your intestines. Maybe we can two-for-one colonoscopy in the future?

  2. Last time I had my colonoscopy my nurses told me I was hilarious while under anesthesia, whatever that means.

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