Read: The Imagination Warriors

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This is the first juvenile fiction I’ve read during my adult life. But when a friend writes a book you read it, regardless of topic, genre or anything else. But here is the funny part. I really enjoyed this book. Yes, I’m juvenile and display this on a daily basis, ask my wife, but I actually did enjoy this book.

First, it’s based in New Mexico. Second, I found myself having to let go of things I would normally never let go of. For example, a talking cat. Just go with it. It works.

The Imagination Warriors by photographer Marc Romanelli (major stock photographer going way back) is about magic, the idea of going your own way and not following the traditional path, art, history, New Mexico, and more. I found the parts about Lamy, New Mexico interesting because Lamy has such a unique history. I also, oddly enough, found small details of the book intriguing. What characters were wearing, the types of aircraft, and even the imagination of the author and illustrator Odessa Sawyer.

If you have kids, or you feel like a change of pace then give it a go. You can find the book here. Get it, read it.

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