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I’ve only been to the airport in Bangkok. Was never there long enough to get in any real trouble. But oh do I have friends who have. Lawrence Osborn’s “The Glass Kingdom” takes place in Thailand but almost the entire story transpires in place in ONE specific building with a handful of characters. A land of secrets, facades, and hidden layers wind and unwind to trap each person in a maze of deception.

Crime, characters on the lam and political unrest are the foundation of this novel. An expat community where nobody seems to be who they say they are and each working an angle with an eye on the prize. Both alluring and sinister, the book unravels with the sound of distant gunfire and the secrets that happen only at night.

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  1. How has no one commented on this recommendation?! The Glass Kingdom illustrates the power of any storyteller understanding a place in such detail that the reader can experience the wet heat of streets not wandered before – the book introduced this reader to characters so foreign as too be unrecognizable but interesting none the less. Another solid recommendation Mr. Milnor.

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