Read: The Girl on the Train

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A slow motion train wreck, but that’s the point. This was a great story by an author who knows the weaknesses of both the human mind and the human body, but also knows that even inside the deepest, darkest hole of depression can come the spark of survival.

The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins, has been out for several years, and has garnered a lot of critical attention including a motion picture with the same title, but as usual I’m slow to the game. Glad I waited around.

I love authors who completely understand the human psyche and know just how screwed up many of us are. The setting, the weather, the complexity all play to make this a great read. I try to bounce from fiction to non-fiction, and this was my bounce out in that direction. Just look at the reviews of this baby. A lot of people are saying “get it, read it.” I don’t need to say much more. Oh, but I will. Emily Blunt is in the movie. She was also in Sicario, which is a must, and now we get Sicario Dos, El Dia del Soldado. Bring it on, all of it.

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