Read: The Force

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It’s a Don Winslow book. What more do I need to say? If you haven’t read Don Winslow yet, then skip this book for the time being. Go back and get your hands on his drug war series. Power of the Dog, Savages, Kings of Cool or The Cartel, which I hear has been optioned for the motion picture. Ridley Scott at the helm. Savages, which is an amazing book, was also optioned for film with Oliver Stone at the helm, someone I like, but the film did not live up to the book.(Read this series, trust me.)

I recently found myself in a small, California town. Speaking with an older woman. “You know Don Winslow lives next door,” she said. I kinda went looking for him. Kinda. I strolled, lacking real intent, but stroll I did. Never found him, but I’m guessing he lives there to be left alone.

Everything he does is solid. Good. Readable but real and covering the topics that are dear to my heart. The border, drug war, police corruption, surfing.(just got out of the water)

When it comes to Winslow, “get it, read it” applies to any and all. The Force is no exception.

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