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Peng Shepherd’s “The Cartographers” is a book of right turns molding cartographic history and adventure with a few twists that leave the reader pondering what is real. If you are like me, a sucker for maps, then the initial premise is enough to get us going. A friend handed me this book and said “I need this one back.” Always a good sign.

Imagine the New York City Public Library. Now imagine people dying.

Imagine the history of maps, including the inexpensive highway maps that began to emerge during the time in America when exploring by car become the mainstream. Now imagine those map companies devising ways to know if they were stealing from each other. And now think back to the people dying.

You might think you know where this is going but you don’t. Not unless you have a magical brain capable of inventing impossible but alluring narratives. And what if maps were capable of leading us to worlds both real and unreal? I don’t normally read books of this type but was glad my friend found this one. A little adventure, a little mystery, and the reality of being forced into going with the flow.

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