Read: The Art of Immersion

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Wow, maiden voyage here with new WordPress editor. This is a bit like flying blind, but I’m all about learning, which is what this book is about. So much of my life is about story, or storytelling, although I cringe a bit when I use that word because it is SO overused at this point. The Art of Immersion by Frank Rose is about the idea of story, how we used to consume them, how we consume them now and the idea of immersive storytelling in the Digital Age. I keep having this feeling my life is going to change and change in a big way, so I’m reading books that are pulling me in directions I don’t yet understand. This book was written only a few short years ago, but already things have changed so much we can see where the author was right on and where things have perhaps already passed us by. The book focuses on Hollywood, Madison Avenue and the gamification of many things, which truly is an interesting concept. I also loved the section about dopamine and how this drug works on our system. There were aspects of this I did not know but am glad I know now.

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