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Just know going into a Rushkoff book you are going to need a lot of paper for the subsequent note-taking you will find yourself driven to do. “Team Human,” was the right book at the right time, at least for me, and this was not my first rodeo with Rushkoff.

We find our species at an interesting and challenging crossroads where technology, finance, and the corporate world, among other things, seemingly exist to drive humans apart, to detach us from what makes us human and to keep us working hard to support but a few.

Most of what I read regarding technology is written by those who feel it will save us, the planet, and just about every other situation imaginable while ignoring the digital realities we encounter on a daily basis. Team Human reminds us we still have a chance but that chance depends on working together, thinking as a collective, and putting a critical eye to the digital Coolaid we are so fond of drinking. Get it, read it.

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  1. Hi Daniel! I stumbled on your YouTube videos a week ago and I’ve been slowly studying, thinking and starting to put into practice what you say. That’s one of the good things we can do as a collective in a digital world, so thank you very much for that.

    I had a ereader in my living room that I stopped using to read (having stopped completely months ago). I just started using it again and just to start reading something right now instead of researching what to read, I am following your suggestion with this one. This also seems like a good book for what’s been happening.

    Have a great week!

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      Hey Rodrigo,
      Nice to meet you. Anything Rushkoff has done is working checking out, but seeing as this is the lately it is probably the most timely.

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