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You can pick up anything from Don Winslow and know you are going to find a good read. His border books are legendary, and I highly recommend all of them. Satori is a slightly different animal. Satori is a prequel to “Shibumi” the last book I read and featured here. While Satori was penned by Winslow, the book is very much in the footsteps of Trevanian. The same things I pulled from Shibumi were pulled from this book, so if you enjoyed Shibumi then, by all means, get your grubby mitts on this baby.

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  1. I’ve said it before, I don’t read anywhere the amount you do. I read daily, but slowly I guess heheh All that said, you’ve got many good recommendation which one is top of the list from this year so far? No need for me to get all your recommendations I won’t be able to go though them all in my lifetime! Pick one, I get it and read it. I read anything so don’t bother asking what kind of book I read!


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  2. Order of operations has me in a kerfuffle. You read the prequel after the main event? While I do appreciate a good dessert, and occasionally will heed the siren call of sugar before a meal, I’m often disappointment in it and myself – after the fact (consumers remorse?).

    Would you recommend consumption of the prequel first?


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