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She did it again. Terry Tempest Williams walks to the plate and hits yet another home run. “Refuge, An Unnatural History of Family and Place,” is heartbreaking yet fills your lungs with crisp, lake air. Salt Lake to be exact, and the numerous foul that calls this place home. The tragedy comes in the form of cancer, something that runs in the Williams family like water through tributaries. Downwinders. Daughter, mother, grandmother.

If you don’t know Terry Tempest Williams just know you can pluck any of her books off any shelf and be instantly transported. She writes about nature as well as anyone I’ve ever found. She and Gretel. The natural and the unnatural. But what is natural when man is involved?

Get all of them, read all of them.

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  1. American Ground Zero is also a powerful “coffee table” photo essay book of the downwinders. Thank you for sharing your insight on this one.

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