Read: Quiet

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I actually finished this book while in the middle of a party with at least 300 people. I sat on a chair and read. “You can do that?” someone asked. “Yep.”

Susan Cain brings us this book, “Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” I loved this book because it taught me a lot about myself. Turns out, I’m an introvert. Major introvert. I do have the public, pretend side, which I deploy like a parachute when I’m in public, but the real me would rather read than go to a party. Small talk….me no like so much. Humans had to change when we went from being country dwellers to city dwellers. We had to learn to be extroverts, or pretend to be, just to do business. The book talks about this move, the “Cult of Personality” and how we are trained as children to be extroverts to get ahead.

But it’s OKAY to be introverted. Quite okay actually. Thankfully.

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