Read: Post Truth, How Bullshit Conquered the World

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Man are we f%$%$#. I have to give this author a lot of credit, he does do a great job of breaking down the facts, and remember, facts are now in dispute…worldwide. The author also breaks down the difference between telling a lie and bullshiting. There IS a difference, and what a difference it is.

Politicians, old media, new media, social media, all one wound up ball of near total bullshit, but what can be done? The author provides legit options, gives us good data and keeps things to a positive note, but what I take away from this book is that WE are the blame behind all of this bullshit, and frankly I don’t see “us” changing anytime soon.

“Post Truth, How Bullshit Conquered the World,” by James Ball is a tantalizing but utterly frustrating read especialy if you care about things like truth which as we all know is in short supply, at least in how truth is delivered to the world.

Personally, I think the genie is out and there is no way to put it back in the bottle, but I also have been a long standing believer that humans are destined to destroy themselves and Trump is just the latest example of how quickly this timeline is progressing. I think the ONLY way we go back to a truthful society is if we no longer have ANY option, and this only comes after whatever cataclysmic event transpires. Maybe the lucky ones will survive, or maybe the lucky ones die out?

This book should be required reading.

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