Read: Physics of the Future

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I have no business liking physics. When I tell you I am mathematically illiterate just know I’m not making a joke or being self-deprecating. I suck at math. But for some reason, physics always made sense. So when I found Michio Kaku’s “Physics of the Future” I was intrigued. Wealth, health, transportation, automation. The book, at least in my opinion, is as much about tech as physics. And sometimes these authors get a bit too “godly” for my taste, but overall the only thing I look to take from a book like this is a general direction of thought. The specifics, in some ways, are speculative, which is to be expected. I also love these books because every science/physics wanna be HATES books like this and always leave the best comments online. Not on my site, but on actual, real, book sites. Gotta love that. If you like thinking about potential futures, then get it and read it.

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