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For all I know I’ve already written about this book. I’ve read it at least a dozen times. Just being able to say “Farley Mowat” is enough reason to pick this baby up. The guy is a legend. Naturalist. You might know this book by the movie, also worth checking out. The initial flying scenes and score give me goosebumps. My favorite scene is here. Notice how LONG this scene takes. No rapid fire cut, cut, cut, cut, cut that would happen now.

The book “Never Cry Wolf” is such a fun read. His dismantling of the government agencies is so fantastic, as is the discoveries he makes about the wolves themselves. Read it then give it to your kids to read. Then see the flick.

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  1. Mowat was kind of awesome. Not always reliable, occasionally gullible, frequently quite drunk.

    The US famously refused him entrance for some period of time, which raised him mightily in my estimation.

    Have you read his stories of deep sea rescue tugs?

    1. Post

      No, never. But I’ll add them to the list. Drove 500 miles yesterday, toward home, then went straight to library for more books.

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