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Loved this book. Truly. Buy the paper version. Such a fun read. Funny and depicts an industry I find endlessly fascinating. Literary publishing. And in this case, an “agency” steeped in traditions that have NOT faded. No computers, no email, even in 1996. Typewriters, dictaphones and carbon copies. For you kids, look these things up. You will have a good laugh.

But at the same time, this “antiquated” world was magically, and still is. Hell, I’d take it over what we have now any day of the week. The author is a cog in this world, just a cog, but even the smallest gear has a lot to do with success when the time comes to shift down.

Joanna Rakoff’s “My Salinger Year,” is a wonderful book I was sad to finish. The book gave me insight into the tragically flawed yet beautiful world of literary publishing, but it also gave me insight into the author’s New York life as well as the life and world of J.D Salinger, a man who has a level of literary fame that is hard to comprehend.

Books are one of my favorite things in the world. Most of you know that. I’m jaded. Get it, read it. Oh Hell, just found out they adapted this for screen and the movie is already done. Good news. Well done Rakoff.

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  1. Also just finished this book, read on your recommendation by the way. Makes me want to revisit Salinger. Also really like Don’s quote about publishing being just about commerce. Very enjoyable read, and went way too fast.

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  2. Finished this within a week and was sad to finish it too. Thanks for recommendation.

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      Cool. I see a few people here had a good experience with it. Not just me!

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