Read: My Own Devices

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What a peculiar book. I have Paul Reitano to thank for this. Paul did a portrait session with me then tossed this book in my direction. This is a Milnor tactic, for sure. I used to carry stacks of books in my trunk, books that were impactful on me, and when I met someone I deemed cool, they got a book. Paul did the same to me. And what a book it is. I’m not entirely sure how to describe My Own Devices or the author herself. Dessa is a rapper, philosopher, science geek, author, and someone who loves things in miniature. She’s a rabbit hole girl who goes above and beyond when it comes to answering questions.

The book doesn’t fit. Anywhere. (This is a good thing.)

But her observational skill and descriptive terms are so spot on. She parallels and attaches things in ways you don’t often see. I kept thinking “Sure would be interesting to hang out with her,” but then seconds later would realize, again and again, “She’d be bored with me.” Her description of her father and her detailed description of one of her mother’s cows being butchered are alone worth getting the book. I’m guessing some of you know her music and her rap career. I’m still mired in my own odd musical taste, so I had yet to find her music.

She can write. Have a listen to her lyrics. And she can science write. And she can rap. That’s just odd. Her brain is finely detailed, as is her hopeless attraction to someone she may or may not know she can’t have. Get it, read it.

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