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For me, this was a must-read. A LOT of notes taken on this baby and even photographed the entire “Notes” section at the end. When I talk about social media, as I often do on this site, I feel like I’m screaming inside a bubble with very few others able to hear. If you watch what is transpiring in the United States right now I’m not sure how on Earth you would need more convincing of how damaging the networks are. But what I mostly hear is more excuses. (“I only use it for work” UGH)

Clint Watts is a writer, Robert A. Fox Fellow in the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Program on the Middle East as well as a senior fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University. Not to mention two stints with the FBI. And oh ya, he has testified to congress three times since 2017. Translation, he probably knows a Hell of a lot more than you and me.

Whether it be Russia, al Queda, ISIS or Trump Watts has insider information about how the social networks work to undermine our culture, society and certainly our minds. Is Russia hacking us or just allowing us the opportunity to hack ourselves? Fake news plays better than real news. We spend three hours a day, on average, on our phones. Our attention spans and critical thinking skills are taking on water and, oh ya, we are “dependent” on the networks yet wildly depressed due to the same systems.

People, when are we going to learn? If not now, when? Look at me. I work as an “Evangelist,” in a marketing department for a tech company and I DON’T USE FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM. You….don’t…..need….to….either.

I loved Messing with the Enemy but in the same way you love doing something that you know is going to cause some pain. Winter running, level four yoga when you know you are no better than level three, or playing chess against a master level opponent-counting down the doom clock.

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  1. Dan, based on your thoughts (and others) I have stopped using Instagram and de-toxing from fb use. My library has Messing With the Enemy and I just reserved it. Please keep up your efforts to spread the news. It’s making a difference.

    I’ve increased my meditation practice, read even more and started hand-making my own photo books with the time I was wasting.


    1. I need to channel some of that productivity. I was a late comer to social media, and I didn’t stay there long. Leaving it might not have been great for my flailing freelancer efforts, but it was good for me. But I can’t claim to have replaced it with better activities. Good job with the meditation and photo books.

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      You are a new man. I think you will find life outside of social to be much more real and much more rewarding. The book is awesome. Just started another about hacking. I can’t get enough.

  2. It’s a hard thing for people to do right now in the midst of the covid mess and wanting to stay connected in some way with family and friends. Not being on social media of any kind right now reduces the stress level in my life beyond measure. Staying away from the MSM also helps.

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      That is the crazy part. Vast majority of people on social admit it makes their life worse and causes them emotional grief. This speaks to the power of addiction.

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