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I have Lyme Disease. I’ve had it for nearly five years. In short, Lyme has changed my entire life and is something I deal with on a daily basis. If I’m awake, I’m dealing with it.(As I write this my neck is so stiff I can barely turn my head.) What I’ve discovered is that if you don’t have a disease like this it is simply impossible for you to understand what it’s like. My wife can barely understand it. My family never really got it, and I gave up trying to explain a long, long time ago. For those of you who do have it, I know what you are going through.

Over the years, when discussing the difficulty in receiving treatment (Even in New England), people always ask “Why?” “This just doesn’t make sense.” Americans still want to believe in our medical system. And look, if you have a disease they want to treat, or you have a disease they can profit from, sure, not a problem. But once you have a disease that falls outside of the favored status, you are on your own. Utterly on your own.

From an insurance perspective, Lyme is a problem. Too complicated. Too time consuming. From a pharma perspective, Lyme is a dead end. No revenue stream. The only Pharma related treatment is antibiotics and those are a zero sum for these mega companies. Doctors are happy to misdiagnose Lyme patients with things like MS because there is a treatment protocol. Profit too.

But the last reason why Lyme isn’t popular is where things get interesting, and where Lab 257 comes in. Michael Christopher Carroll takes us behind the scenes at Plum Island off the coast of Lyme, Connecticut, where over the span of several decades, going back to just after the Second World War, there were three mysterious outbreaks. Lyme, West Nile and African Rift Valley Fever. All three, nine miles away from Plum Island, which turns out is a long running biological and germ warfare lab.

Now, I’m going to list a few things because there is WAY too much detail in this book for me to explain. All you need to know is that things are not as they seem at Plum Island and haven’t been since the beginning.

Operation Paperclip, CIA, Eric Traub, Germans, Nazi doctors, secret program, foot-and-mouth disease, meltdowns, pathogens, escapes, coverups, denials, bio-warfare, hurricanes, weaponized ticks, Lyme Disease, 1975 first outbreak, Lab 101. virologist, USDA, safety violations.</em>

All I can say is you are either going to read this and already be ordering the book, or you will have stopped reading at this point, which is perhaps the exact reason why stories like this are so imporant. If ten percent of what is written in this book is true then what it proves beyond the shadow of a doubt is the government’s systematic program of lying to the population. As we all know, this isn’t a stretch. Happens everyday, but for someone like me it’s nice to get a bit of the behind-the-scenes information.

Get it, read it, fear it.

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  1. Got it, reading it….about a third of the way through it, hard to put down. God help us….( or please give us aliens invading to slap some sense into humanity) fear ut, I do.

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  2. To my knowledge NO ONE has effectively refuted Carroll’s work. Plum Island and escaped vectors for Rocky Mountain Fever, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus and Equine Virus ALL could have come from the geo location of Plum Island.

    I am not a conspiracy nut, but this one is really hard for me to forget over a decade after reading Lab 257

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      And “Bitten” in 2017 or 2018 was the followup to Lab 257. They get away with it because Americans dont’ want to believe we do this stuff to each other. We don’t want to believe we are corrupt, paid off, radicalized.

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