Read: Kingdom of Lies

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Just read it. This story is so interesting and this book so chaotic as it weaves a narrative that bounces from person to person, tactic to tactic and immediately begins to reveal just how out of control the world of cybercrime really is. Let me just say this. It’s bad. Really bad. And probably far beyond what you can imagine.

I’m guessing that all of us will get hit if we haven’t already been. Cybercrime has spawned an entirely new culture, one that builds communities, cities(in part) and massive fortunes via a variety of schemes and scams attacking most levels of anyone connected in any way.

Kate Fazzini’s Kingdom of Lies is a great read. Fast, energetic and compromising. At one point during this read, I happened to notice Edward Snowden on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about how mobile phones spy on us. A different story yes but the spying, hacking, stealing, lying, etc. In my mind, it’s all one and the same.

This book has “adventures” in the subtitle and this is a good way of looking at this book. Fazzini tells the story of different hackers and their lives as they navigate their criminal dealings. More than anything else they feel like opportunists with criminal sprinkled on top. Like the CEO’s of the financial institutions or our congress for that matter.

Get it, read it.

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