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Okay, “Inside the Company, CIA Diary” is dense. Really dense. A detailed nearly day-by-day, play-by-play diary of Phil Agee’s time inside the CIA. The content is fascinating but you have to want to read this. Within a few short pages you realize how out of control the CIA has been since its birth. What he covers is damaging to the agency, the United States and to all of us. Once again this book points out that much of what is happening today has been happening for a long, long while but American’s are apathetic to anything outside the consumeristic buying cycle and we surely don’t know our history. Why would anyone in the current administration try that hard to cover their tracks when they know the public is blind to global politics?

One small fact from the book. How about countries where the CIA was involved in overthrows of the government or attempted overthrows. Iran, Sudan, Syria, Guatemala, Ecuador, Guyana, Zaire, Ghana, Chile, Dominican Republic, etc. Just to name a few. The funny this is that when I spoke to people while reading this book, and mentioned this fact, I was greeted with “Oh that never happened,” or “Well, I guess they probably deserved it.” I’m not even sure what to say to these folks. A similar thing happened while speaking about our current admin’s immigration policy. “Everyone should just go home,” someone said to me. And when I asked them how their family got to this country I was greeted with “Well, that’s different.” I’ve said this all along. We deserve what we have coming.

Agee did not have an easy time getting this book done, and there were all kinds of shenanigans that went on while he was writing this but luckily it’s in print. A testament for anyone who cares to know a little more.

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  1. I knew a guy in college who had a standard response to “immigrants should go home” which went like this “Yeah! If your family hasn’t been here for AT LEAST 300 years, just get the fuck out”

    His family, of course, had been. But pretty much nobody else’s. He claimed that the ended conversations pretty quickly.

    1. Post

      AM, 300 is a great, round number. I’m a transient, not even gonna fight it. So is my fam.

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