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Get it, read it. I normally save this advice for the end but in case I lose you in the next few paragraphs I wanted to make sure you understood my position. This book came on reference from multiple friends from multiple backgrounds. A rare thing indeed. And some of those who recommended this book had never touched psychedelic drugs in their life. (I haven’t either.)

This book is a lesson. But the lesson takes on MANY levels. Perhaps most importantly, there is A LOT we don’t know. There is a lot about ourselves we don’t. There is a lot about our minds we don’t know and there is a lot about consciousness we don’t know. And it’s not even those close.

“How To Change Your Mind,” is the first Michael Pollan book I’ve read. He has an ego. He was skeptical. Two things I found critical to my belief in this book and my belief in the data he is presenting. I’m IN LOVE with the idea of what lives in these pages and if taking a brief look at our society, culture, species, and planet is enough reason to make you at least consider the idea as well I’m not sure what could.

In short, back in the 1950s and 1960s, there were a significant number of studies done with LSD, studies in regard to using the drug to help those with depression, addiction, and terminal illness. But due to the corruption of the US government, the fervor around the counterculture revolution and policies like The Controlled Substance Act, signed by Nixon, the entire area of study was made illegal and shut down. (Why do we always do this?)

All these years later, a few hardy individuals have resurrected these studies and these ideas and have gained official approval for testing. The results and experiences are astounding. “I saw the face of God.” “I saw the origin and birth of the universe.” “I saw my ego dissolve and I realized that love was the only thing in the universe.” “This was the single most profound experience of my entire life.” And people, these were normal people, many of whom had never experienced anything like this and came from all walks of life and professions.

You hear these things and you might think “Ah, just a drug experience,” but when the author interviews testers and then takes the voyage himself you begin to understand it goes WAY deeper than that. The experiences LAST. Not the trip itself but the IDEAS, the BELIEFS, and the FEELINGS.

All I know is this. If I could find an accredited research study that was looking for new faces, I’d be the first to sign up. No joke. I want to know, and I want to see. And I’d love to administer a high-level dose to every single member of the US government. Seriously, I think it would literally change the entire world. And I’d give a dose to Putin. There would no need and no reason for hypersonic weapons.

Buy it, read it and give it to a friend. What a way to start the year.

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  1. Thanks for this Dan. I have also been referred to this book by a disparate number of people. Now I will get it. I wonder if I could be that brave but I want to sign up too.

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      Wow, so many names and places I’ve just learned about. And I have used Kentmere as well!

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